Grammar: The Passive Voice

Objectives: By the end of this unit, students should be able to use active vocabulary of this theme in different forms of speech exercises.

Students should be better at discussing leisure time.

Students should know the rule of the Passive Voice.

Methodical instructions: This theme must be worked out during three lessons a Grammar: The Passive Voice week according to timetable.

Lexical material: Introduce and fix new vocabulary on theme “Leisure time”. Discuss in groups how the students spend their free time. Speak about theatres and cinemas.

Grammar: Revise V3. Introduce and practice the Passive Voice.

A night at the theatre.

Here we are outside the Grammar: The Passive Voice theatre. It is the Library Theatre which is underneath the General Library in Manchester. We are going to see a modern play which is very popular with theatre-goers.

Passing through the revolving door and down the stairs we come to the box office where the tickets are Grammar: The Passive Voice sold. Luckily we booked our seats a few weeks ago or would not be able to get in, because for this play all the seats had already been sold. It is so popular that this is the second time it has been produced here.

We leave our raincoats Grammar: The Passive Voice in the cloakroom. At the entrance to the theatre itself an attendant in uniform tears our theatre tickets in half. He gives us our halves back so that we can find our seats by their numbers. Another attendant shows us to our seats and sells us a program that Grammar: The Passive Voice will tell us which parts the actors are playing and how many acts there in the play. Then we take our seats about halfway down the auditorium.

All around us people are settling down into their seats , reading their programmes, passing chocolates . Everybody is excited, looking forward to the play. We Grammar: The Passive Voice all have a clear view of the stage because the seats are set on wide steps which slope down to the level of the stage. On the front row, you are so close you can smell the paint on the scenery but not too close to spoil your view of Grammar: The Passive Voice the actors. Even on the back row you have a perfect view of the stage because this is a small theatre.

This auditorium holds only 300 seats, but many theatres are much larger . In a small theatre you can always be sure to hear and see everything Grammar: The Passive Voice and really feel that you are with the actors in everything they do and in all the places they visit. But many plays are still produced in very large , old theatres where it is difficult to see and hear properly if you are in the back rows. There are sometimes so many Grammar: The Passive Voice stalls (ground-floor seats) in these theatres that they are divided into orchestra stalls, center stalls, and rear stalls, with the pit behind them. Above, there is the dress circle and boxes , then the balcony and, high above, the gallery, or the “gods”!

The auditorium seems to be full Grammar: The Passive Voice now. In a few minutes the play will begin. The attendants close the doors and draw the curtains over them. The warning bell rings to tell everyone the play is about to begin. People whisper excitedly. Slowly the lights begin to come up on the stage Grammar: The Passive Voice.

Topical vocabulary.

1. leisure досуг

2. spare time свободное время

3. to entertain, entertainment(n) веселить,развлечение

4. box office театральная касса

5. ticket билет

6. to book заказать

7. seat место

8. play пьеса,спектакль

9. cloak-room гардероб

10.cloak-room ticket номерок

11.drama theatre драматический театр

12.matinee дневной спектакль stage,stage (n) поставитьспектакль,сцена

14.orchestra оркестр

15.stalls,in the orchestra stalls партер,в первых рядах партера

16.row,on the front, back Grammar: The Passive Voice row ряд,в первом ряду,в последнем ряду,in the box ложа,в ложе, ”the gods” галерка

19.curtain (rises,falls) занавес (подымется,опускается)

20.scene сцена,(часть деяния)

21.scenery декорации

22. dress circle бельэтаж

23.audience зрительная аудитория

24.perfomance игра актеров,спектакль applaude,applause (n) рукоплескания

26.pit амфитеатр театрал

Ex.1.Find in the text the equivalents to the Grammar: The Passive Voice following:

очень популярна посреди театралов; театральная касса; приобрести билеты; поставлена (пьеса) во 2-ой раз; гардероб; отыскать места ( в театре); роль; фронтальные (задние) ряды; зал вмещает; партер; амфитеатр; зал заполнен; загораются огни.

Ex.2.Match the words in column A with those in column B.

1. entertainment a) декорации

2. cloak-room Grammar: The Passive Voice b)театральная касса

3. matinee c) развлечение

4. pit d) рукоплескать

5. box office e) бельэтаж

6. to applaude f) амфитеатр

7. scenery g) гардероб

8.cloak-room ticket h) спектакль

9. dress circle i) ложа,в ложе

10. box,in the box j) дневной спектакль

11. perfomance k) номерок