Грамматические трансформации.

Переведите на российский язык.

1. Mother's eyes were dry. I knew she was not a crier. 2. Не is a heavy eater. 3. Jean has always been a first-nighter. 4. Working as a full-timer is not for me. 5. disposable syringe 6. collapsible boat 7. teachable pupil 8. payable mine 9. actionable offence 10. dutiable goods 11. avoidable tragedy 12. The Грамматические трансформации. losses are easily calculable. 13. Joanna Wade has nothing against do-gooders. She is, after all, one herself. 14. Because we are not trying to get elected we can think the unthinkable, say the unsayable. 15. a put-downable book 16. an un-putdownable book 17. Не is a three-time loser Грамматические трансформации. at marriage.

Переведите последующие предложения. При переводе выделенных слов поменяйте части речи:

1.Most of the people I spoke to were unhelpful.

2. What is happening in New York will happen nationally.

3. At the age of eighteen, George earned an honest living.

4. The ship was listing badly but still kept afloat Грамматические трансформации..

5. Uncharacteristically,he came over and put his arms around hisfather and hugged him.

6. She answered questions in monosyllables.

7. After the excitement, she slept heavilyand dreamlessly.

8. He spoke so rapidly that I had difficulty understanding him.

9. At the Commonwealth conference in Kuala Lumpur, Mrs. Thatcher was predictably unrepentant.

10. People who were centralto Грамматические трансформации. the civil-rights movement came out in support of the minority groups.

11. He asked me if I lived locally, what my job was and whetherhe could count on my support.

12. Macon had his pickof seats: window, nonsmoking.

13. There's going to be a thorough investigation into this and Грамматические трансформации. the FBI will be involved because we're a federally insured bank.

14. All banks measure profit in terms of earnings per share.Such earnings are widely studied by shareholders, investors and the business community nationally and internationally.

Переведите последующие предложения, обращая внимание на существительные, образованные при помощи суффикса -еr Грамматические трансформации.:

1. The boy was panting. It was quite a strain for him, always a mouth-breather, to have reached the sixth floor.

2. "I hope you won't mind having dinner in the kitchen," Ann said. "Certainly, not. We're a generation of kitchen-eaters," he answered.

3. These cacti, though slow-growers Грамматические трансформации., make an ideal starting point for the novice.

4. "Certainly," she said, trying to frown — but she was clearly not a frowner.

5. As expected, the Socialists were easy winners in the first round of the elections.

6. Heery burst out laughing. In the great bustle of the last days I had Грамматические трансформации. forgotten what a good laugher he was.

7. The reaction of the public was most enthusiastic. Alfred, however, was among the non-responders.

8. Austin was a handsome ageing play-boy type, flamboyant dresser with styled iron-grey hair.

9. Rare and unusual plants — as long as they are also Грамматические трансформации. attractive — are doubly fascinating to the keen grower.

10. Above all else, President Bush is a firm believer in the value of personal diplomacy.

11. "You can use my library," Burton said. Andrew was no wobbler. He got up from the chair and came up to the shelves where Burton kept his Грамматические трансформации. most precious books on architecture.

12. Even so, the gainers from the liberal economic policies of Mr. Ghandi's early years in power far outnumber the losers.

13. An anonymous telephone caller to a newspaper claimed to have carried out the attack.

14. Mother insisted that we should remove the blue Грамматические трансформации. rug from the dining room. "It's a mistake to have a rug where people are eating. It's nothing but crumb catcher," she said.

15. "By the way," Robert said, "the car is not a heavy drinker, so the journey won't turn into a costly affair."

16. Young Jolyon was a Грамматические трансформации. good listener; it was his great quality.

Переведите последующие предложения. Там, где это может быть, пе­реведите при помощи других частей речи прилагательные, образо­ванные с внедрением суффикса -able:

1. Western politicians were quick to conclude that the process is unstoppable.

2. To make this house livable one has to put Грамматические трансформации. a lot of work into it.

3. Alfa Romeo cars all have their devotees and are affordable at £7,000.

4. You will find your new boss quite an approachable person.

5. McLeash had no professional respect for the journalists who tried to cater to the most indiscriminating readers, the easily Грамматические трансформации. persuadable, who believe that what they see in print is true.

6. "Oh, dear," thought Scarlett, looking first at herself in the mirror and then at Rhett's unreadable face.

7. I can do anything I choose, anything at all, for now I am answerable only to myself.

8. Apart from seismic activity — which Грамматические трансформации. is itself is detectable — there are several reliable precursors of earthquake, among them rodon gas emissions, patterns of foreshocks and behaviour an animals.

9. No matter how powerful the Prime Minister (Mrs. Thatcher) might be, she is still accountable to Parliament.

10. Even today, 25 years later, the image is inescapable.